The King's Hound is a text-based fantasy game in the form of an interactive fiction where you play as the legendary King Arthur Pendragon's spouse.  The game will be released chapter by chapter and it will remain free to play until its completion. This story's main themes are platonic bonding and character developement during the span of many years. As such, you will be able to interact with the ROs both romantically and platonically, with relationships that will evolve during your years spent in Camelot.

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Updated on 4/05: the whole CHAPTER ONE is available to play.

Total wordcound: 23k words (average playthrough of 20k words)

How your legend started

You are the King’s spouse, his right and left hand, the unstoppable executor of his will. Your name is whispered by enemies and allies with fear and respect alike, some says it’s your arm that bears the weight of the entire kingdom.

They call you the King’s hound. It started as a way to taunt you but it’s not that far away from the truth. Your loyalty is blind, your devotion absolute. The King’s vision is your vision.

Your name will forever mark history alongside theirs.

But for now, you are being shipped to your betrothed, alone and powerless on your way to Camelot.

As the seventh child of the Venegard House, you’ve always had little to look forward to other than an arranged marriage to achieve a political alliance. That’s exactly why, after your parents lost the rebellion against King Arthur, you were the one sent to him as a sign of newfound peace.

You don’t know what awaits you now, but after you Camelot will never be the same.

Romantic Options

King Arthur (he/they pronouns)

The noble, compassionate and fair leader of Camelot. Protective and respectful, Arthur is going to give you as much freedom, space and support as you may need. Play your cards right and, if you choose to be their spouse only by name, they’ll become a very supportive wingman. No matter what you’ll be to them, you are enchanted by their vision from the moment you understand what they are fighting for. You know you’ll stand by their side no matter what. [25yo]

Knight Yniol (M/F/NB)

One of the knights at the Round Table, almost 6’6” (2.00m) and the only one who fights with a spear, Yniol could be intimdating at first, but only to those who do not know how much they care for every single one of you. Composed and focused, they are the most gentle knight you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. They’ve had their eyes on you from the moment you first arrived to Camelot and, close or not, you are now under their protection. [26yo]

Knight Evaine (M/F/NB)

The most mysterious knight of the Round Table. You know they hide something under that carfree attitude because their façade craks most often than not. They recover fast, but every time their eyes are lost in the void at your shoulders a bit longer. They treat you like something fragile and delicate but maybe that’s the care they need themselves. Despite what some other knights say about them, they are not careless at all. In fact, all their movements and words are carefully measured, expecially around you. [24yo]

The physician Morien (M/F/NB)

They are the caring, if a bit pragmatic, physician of the Round Table knights. Reserved and, at times, abrasive, they bear in their eyes the horror of a war that should never have happened. Despite this, or maybe because of this, you feel like they are one of the only one who can understand what you’ve gone through. They could become your most trusted confidant or, if you want, you could be for eachother the support pillar you both desperately need. [27yo]

Your personal servant Gwyar (M/F/NB)

They are the one who’s been tasked with assisting you, and they have all the intention to make you feel comfortable and secure under their care. Born in the wild lands, they have traveled many miles towars Camelot in search of a future at court. Understanding, even while mantaining the proper distance, they will remain composed and mildly humorous until you show them signs of your interest. Expect them to be one of the most flattering and tender of all the ROs. [22yo]

Poly routes: Arthur/Gwyar, Arthur/Evaine, Morien/Gwyar, Morien/Yniol.


  • Costumize your gender, pronouns and sexuality.
  • Take Mordred, the young bearer of powerful magic, under your wing and let this bond heal the both of you.
  • Train two beautiful hounds as loyal dogs and emotional support animals, just because you can.
  • Pursue a romance with King Arthur or one of the other four Ros. Or, you could always direct your affections to more than one person (there are four total poly routes available).
  • Become a living legend, your King’s most loyal shadow or his fiercest commander. You’ll be given many names, it all depends on how you play this dangerous game of chess
StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(298 total ratings)
AuthorKal Down
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsCharacter Customization, Fantasy, LGBT, Romance, Story Rich, Text based, Twine
Average sessionAbout an hour

Development log


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gosh the "chapter one end" button hit me hard man :'') this is so good like, wow. Its real easy to get immersed in it and your character and I can't bloody WAIT to make my OC the king's HOUND, I mean how cool is that?!

thank you so much for sharing this with us and I hope you update soon!


ohhh i need moreeee, i love the story ;-;


Absolutely obsessed with this!! The characterization of everyone is so clear and personal, and I truly feel like I'm in this world. Genuinely cannot wait to see what the future holds- The main character in particular has so much depth already. Hoping you have a good year, thank you for your work so far!

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Will you release a downloadable windows version? This VN/game looks very promissing! Loving all that I've read and can't wait to see more of Yniol, he sounds like a sweet gentle giant of a bear!


 Thank you for working hard for this game.I'm like this game very much .I looking for your update : D


really want to see more of this


Literally wtf. Bastard of Camelot and The Kings Hound updating in the same month? Is this a fever dream? Am I dead??? 


what was the update




It's good to see you again author :D


Is it a new chapter?


i dont believe so 


ohhh ok😔


me too dude me too :')


oh, yeah. I felt very excited for a second, too. No new content though. But I am not less excited


Thank you for making a game where my character does not have to speak. It is soothing to play on days when my voice is unbearable. I also find your Arthur's kindness very useful, and rather original. Usually even the most idealistic Arthurs are a bit too forceful, but this one appears determined to be decent instead of just good. In addition, your descriptions are pleasantly enchanting. 


how many chapters are released so far? I can only see chapter 1


There is only 1 released at the moment :)


I think i'm in love


I'm so in love with the story so far! I'm already so fond of all the RO'S


Love it so far 🖤🖤🖤

I did notice a big with choosing the scars though. When you choose eyebrow then go to the next page it says that the scar is on your knee


Grasping at my screen rn. Love the customisation, the choices, the writing, the story, I love it all. 🙏


i ugh, i really love this. i hope you had as much fun writing this as i had reading this because i really did.


I'm already in love with this game and I'm so excited for the next update whenever that may be. :D


Loved it so far, great storytelling.


I have never seen any similar text-based novel written with such care, precision to details and love of characters. 

It was so vivid I had a feeling being present and yet it left some space for imagination and my own feelings shaping my experience just the way I felt about the story.

I can't wait to see where the story leads and hope to read more works from you.

♡ ♡ ♡Thank you very much ♡ ♡ ♡


what is binding like from the scene where they ask if you want hormones


binding is where ppl who have breasts cover them w special clothing that goes around the chest and back to press your breasts and hide them, some nonbinary and trans ppl use this if they dont like their breasts or if they suffer from chest dysphoria :(

oh okay sorry if this was insenstive


omfg no youre totally cool, and i DID have fun telling u abt it, youre cool<3


This was lovely, I enjoyed this very much. I look forward to what comes next :)


First of all, as a disabled person I can't thank you enough for the amount of representation you put into the characters. I'm really grateful for letting our character being mute and also for the freedom we have, I could spend the entire day just to make ny character !

I can't wait for when the next chapters are released, I really loved your work.


I just finished it and i can't waittttttttt for the next chapter!


I love what has been released so far, such a well-developed plot and great characters! Can't wait to see what comes next


This is such a very nice story, I hope you'll have the time to update it later on, but I understand you have other projects to work on. ^^


I created an account just to leave a comment on this game haha. I ADORE this so far.  I'm very excited to see what comes next.  Such a subtle building of potential romantic tension,  the more tender take on traditionally hyper-masculine characters, etc. Very big fan of this so far! <3


I'm not sure if anyone's caught this error already: Regardless of where you select for the scar to be, in the personal profile, it always says that it's across the knee.  


I am enjoying this thus far and am excited for more!

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Thanks so much for making this! I really love it so far. I hope its alright that we mentioned your story in our list of recommended twine games ^_^ it's especially good and deserves to be acknowledged! You can find it in the thread here--> 


Hi❤ it's completely alright, in fact I am flattered by the mention!


was a bit bothered reading an unpleasant post here in the comments, and just want to again express my appreciation for this story and its writer.

Ive loved reading tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table since I was old enough to read.  And as much as I loved reading them, I never thought I'd ever get to experience any of the tales the way others did, Imagining myself as the "queen" that Arthur was so In love with, Or as one of the Knights secretly involved with the queen or even the king himself!  This story and another Im following (Bastard of Camelot) have really opened up that fantasy for me.  Not only that but I think each is adding something new to the stories in their own way (as is traditional for every new Arthurian story, something new, or some twist that wasnt thought of before, that makes coming back over and over again to the same characters worth it.)

So again Id like to say thank you for sharing this with us.  I really appreciate your effort and your take on the story.


Small problem, but, during the character creation, when you set your scar to be on your eyebrow, the personal profile states it as a "scar across your knee" instead


Being a lover of the "Arrow to the knee" meme, I find this hilarious


this is sooo good I can’t wait to read more :) 


Is it okay to ask how much words overall this chapter has?


Sure! Together with the character creator, the whole chapter is around 23k words, with an average playthrough of 20k words.

hell ye! im about to spend an entire night for this! thank you for answering my question!


Not gonna lie, having King Arthur give me his cringe. lol also every choice I have made seems rather pointless.


You're very much free to read something else, then. 


I will lol


i just finished my first read of this - and it's amazing! it's a wonderful story and i cant wait to see where you take this story!

between this and the chosen one, which one is your main project?

Definitely this one! The Chosen One is basically on hiatus right now

(1 edit) (+1)

well, at least 1 of my 2 favourite interactive novel are at full steam

(1 edit) (+6)

thanks for sharing this with us. I just finished my second read through, this time with the added content.  I can say that I both enjoyed alot of it, and yet at the same time had a hard time getting into the MC so to speak.

I tend to self insert in these kind of games, but I find it hard to "be" this character.  Im uncomfortable playing a trained knight/killer type character.  Im not martially or physically minded, in fact quiet the opposite.  So this skin is hard for me to wear (it itches metaphorically speaking.)  The forced wedding bit is something I can role play with, I'd just sullenly go along with it.  But I find that even as a "mute" my character talks and responds too much to others.  I dont think anyone  really in that sort of position who was honestly unhappy about it, would just carry on casual banter like that.  I could see my self responding with only hesitant head nods while keeping my eyes down cast, or looking away in refusal (or 180 degrees opposite and being sarcastic as all get out and generally unpleasant, but Im not that kind of person either.)

Not asking you to do anything about any of this, just sharing my experiences with the game so far.  I knew when i first decided to give this a go that it was coming from an angle that I dont usually approach things from.  Still Im glad to have read it, as honestly your writing is extremely well done and Im still hoping Ill find a way to get over my (character's) sullen self and find happiness in this unfortunate situation.


Hi! I saw your other post and I am very happy you are enjoying my take on the Arthurian legends❤

The difficulty you encountered as fas as immersion goes might take root in some pre-set traits the MC has. Some of them are due to the environment while growing up (for example MC is very capable in combat because they were intensly physically trained) and some of them are just character traits that are going to be fixed (for example MC's weakness for children and animals). Because of this, if sometimes you will come across some things that might feel strange to you, that's probably because it's one of the main character's fixed traits.

At this point in time MC is also still heavily influenced by their parents' expectations to go along with the marriage as best as they can; again, this is probably why you felt like MC was being too responsive or accepting. There are some choices for someone who just wants to get it over with without too much involvement (ex: choosing to eat alone and to not ask any question to Morien), maybe you'd be more comfortable with them?

In any case, thank you for your comments, your input is appreciated!

thanks for the response and insight.  As I said I knew when i decided to play that it was with a MC that was somewhat preset in their origins, and that I would  not be very comfortable with being that kind of person.  Still I chose to play anyways, because well how can I pass on a chance to play an interactive Arthurian Tale lol. 

Your story really is well written, and I've enjoyed it for the most part.  I simply choose to ignore as best I can all references to my combat abilities / past etc. and focus on the Now part of the game (and i do like some of the characters predefined traits, like enjoying children and animals.)  Its not too hard to do, its like playing an otome and ignoring all references to the MC being a girl.  The mind can leap through alot of hoops when it wants to.


Forget the king. HELLO Knight 🤣


I've played this through a few times now - really enjoyed the release of the second half of the first chapter and I spent way too much time last night going through your tumblr reading all the info there. Love this so much, can't wait to see where you take it. 


This is very good and i'm glad followed for the update but i have a question, for the option of a trans man can you only do binding or hormone treatments and not both? Otherwise this is very good and i'll wait excitedly for chapter 2!


Hi❤ I am so glad you liked the update! As for your question: I am probably going to add the option to do both in the next bugfix. Either that or it will be available in later chapter to choose to also take hormones if your MC binds and viceversa. 

In any case, yes, it will be possible to do both!


Thank you for the clarification! Love your work and how caring you've made all the characters! There's no hate or drama with any of the characters and they all genuinely care for each other from the get-go and it's so nice to see! I hope you take as much time as you need to be happy with the next par that you put out and I'm excited to see what happens next!

Take care!

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