The King's Hound is a text-based fantasy game in the form of an interactive fiction where you play as the legendary King Arthur Pendragon's spouse.  The game will be released chapter by chapter and it will remain free to play until its completion. This story's main themes are platonic bonding and character developement during the span of many years. As such, you will be able to interact with the ROs both romantically and platonically, with relationships that will evolve during your years spent in Camelot.

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Updated on 4/04/2023

part one of CHAPTER TWO is available to play.

Total wordcound: 34k words
(average playthrough of 29k words)


You are the King’s spouse, his right and left hand, the unstoppable executor of his will. Your name is whispered by enemies and allies with fear and respect alike, some says it’s your arm that bears the weight of the entire kingdom.

They call you the King’s hound. It started as a way to taunt you but it’s not that far away from the truth. Your loyalty is blind, your devotion absolute. The King’s vision is your vision.

Your name will forever mark history alongside theirs.

But for now, you are being shipped to your betrothed, alone and powerless on your way to Camelot.

As the seventh child of the Venegard House, you’ve always had little to look forward to other than an arranged marriage to achieve a political alliance. That’s exactly why, after your parents lost the rebellion against King Arthur, you were the one sent to him as a sign of newfound peace.

You don’t know what awaits you now, but after you Camelot will never be the same.

Romantic Options

King Arthur (he/they pronouns)

The noble, compassionate and fair leader of Camelot. Protective and respectful, Arthur is going to give you as much freedom, space and support as you may need. Play your cards right and, if you choose to be their spouse only by name, they’ll become a very supportive wingman. No matter what you’ll be to them, you are enchanted by their vision from the moment you understand what they are fighting for. You know you’ll stand by their side no matter what. [25yo]

Knight Yniol (M/F/NB)

One of the knights at the Round Table, almost 6’6” (2.00m) and the only one who fights with a spear, Yniol could be intimdating at first, but only to those who do not know how much they care for every single one of you. Composed and focused, they are the most gentle knight you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. They’ve had their eyes on you from the moment you first arrived to Camelot and, close or not, you are now under their protection. [26yo]

Knight Evaine (M/F/NB)

The most mysterious knight of the Round Table. You know they hide something under that carfree attitude because their façade craks most often than not. They recover fast, but every time their eyes are lost in the void at your shoulders a bit longer. They treat you like something fragile and delicate but maybe that’s the care they need themselves. Despite what some other knights say about them, they are not careless at all. In fact, all their movements and words are carefully measured, expecially around you. [24yo]

The physician Morien (M/F/NB)

They are the caring, if a bit pragmatic, physician of the Round Table knights. Reserved and, at times, abrasive, they bear in their eyes the horror of a war that should never have happened. Despite this, or maybe because of this, you feel like they are one of the only one who can understand what you’ve gone through. They could become your most trusted confidant or, if you want, you could be for eachother the support pillar you both desperately need. [27yo]

Your personal servant Gwyar (M/F/NB)

They are the one who’s been tasked with assisting you, and they have all the intention to make you feel comfortable and secure under their care. Born in the wild lands, they have traveled many miles towars Camelot in search of a future at court. Understanding, even while mantaining the proper distance, they will remain composed and mildly humorous until you show them signs of your interest. Expect them to be one of the most flattering and tender of all the ROs. [22yo]

Poly routes: Arthur/Gwyar, Arthur/Evaine, Morien/Gwyar, Morien/Yniol.


  • Costumize your gender, pronouns and sexuality.
  • Take Mordred, the young bearer of powerful magic, under your wing and let this bond heal the both of you.
  • Train two beautiful hounds as loyal dogs and emotional support animals, just because you can.
  • Pursue a romance with King Arthur or one of the other four Ros. Or, you could always direct your affections to more than one person (there are four total poly routes available).
  • Become a living legend, your King’s most loyal shadow or his fiercest commander. You’ll be given many names, it all depends on how you play this dangerous game of chess
StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(532 total ratings)
AuthorKal Down
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsCharacter Customization, Fantasy, LGBT, Romance, Story Rich, Text based, Twine
Average sessionAbout an hour

Development log


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Is this still alive? I really like it and am curious


Is this project still alive?


I try to enable a save but every time I have to start over. It doesn't take me to where I left off. To the beginning every damn time. It is not worth the damn trouble.


eeekkk the casual amount of pet names between the ro's is so cutee 

squealing and kicking my legs in the air rn


What was the update two days ago?


probably just bug fix or updated to fit a certain version of the web player.


I love it, i will patiently wait for any updates 🧡


I will wait patiently for this game, as it has probably my favorite love interests and MC choices of all the interactive fiction and visual novels that I've read! 


I like this VN a lot. When is the next update?


made an account just to say that this is amazing, I love so much about this and I'm very excited for when there's an update!

(2 edits) (+10)(-47)

OK i am sorry but i have to say this, the game is interesting but this is obviously not for those like me who are playing as a man and wanted a straight romance with a woman, like why wasn't there a option to let me know that Authur will kiss me on the forehead and besides that, the text of the game just screams your mc is either supposed to be a woman or they are gay or bisexual which are the vibe the story is giving off


I haven’t played there game yet but I’m sorry to hear that it wasn’t up to your tastes :(, if you want a good recommendation where you can be a straight person, through and through, then I totally recommend Superstition! Some games are sadly just not meant for everyone but I hope you find a game that you’ll like!


Not really sure what you were expecting there. I mean, the first line in the blurb does say "You are the King's spouse"

(8 edits) (+6)(-39)

yes it said we are the king spouse but is was also obivous the king is not the only RO and why on this good earth is there even a option to be a man and make ROs female, the problem is not me because i knew what i was getting into and i have no problem with lgbtq in games but the issue is the text of the story the author created, like why the F will you give players that like to  play as male and wanna date female ROs the  personality of a gay or bisexual that blushes over a man but is silent about a gender optional RO that is chosen as female and have been traveling with before they get to camelot, like if the author wanted to do that is ok but is another issue when you lie to the players making them think they was a option to be straight or not letting the players have the option to tell the game how we want our mc interest in sexuality of gender to be known


I see. I often found IF games with customizable gender and sexuality for MC, but felt like it was heavily written on a certain gender and sexuality. I think it's more about the writing.

That's why I usually compromising by customizing my MC based on the writing.


Oh grow up and be quiet,

God forbid that the author hasn't created a specific story solely for you and your tastes, it's not like there's thousands of different stories, games and novels you could go and read that will do exactly that. 

It's quite literally called *The Kings Hound* and very clearly states your character is *The Kings Spouse* Yet you've still decided to whine over it? It's as ridiculous as playing a game about sorcerers and then complaining it has magic in it.


Please noted that my reply is not hostile here :) Just casual!

I think i get what you're trying to say.  As a Bisexual Woman (who is leaning more into Women), sometimes i get it; the frustration when playing through games that stated 'romance for everyone' but turned out, as you play, it simply.. didn't give off that vibe. There are a lot of games that focused on the Male ROs instead of the Female despite their games have the 'romance-for-everybody' undertone . Like, you just found a good story and expect you can romance the women ROs based on your orientation, but the vibes doesn't sit well with you. I get it...

But i'm not saying this story is wrong or you're wrong for stating that, no. Everyone has their own taste regarding stories, and every Authors can write what they want to write. And besides, the title of this game is 'The King's Hound' and the Author put the first line with "You are the King's Spouse". Surely the plot and the romance will be mostly focused on The King and us as the spouse? :') At least for a facade?. And i want to point it out that even if you're not into The King, you can romance the rest, and the rest of the ROs can be set into the genders you wanted them to be to.

My suggestion for you is maybe try to search and try to play the games that really clicked well with you? :') There are a lot of games with gripping and immersive plot and good romance sequence as well as this if you give them a try.

And maybe try to give this one a chance and wait it out, since it's still a few starting chapters here and in-progress :).


Absolutely stunning!!




Really good, super immersive and beautiful writing. Really excited to see where this goes.

ooooh man i am into this!!


This was really good can't wait for the next update

I was wondering if you offer tutorials on your customization screens? They're so amazing




First time commenting on anything. Absolutely in love with this game so far, was so excited to check back in after a while and see that it updated :D


My second time commenting. Still adore this, but something caught in my brain a bit and I was hoping for clarification. So, when they meet, Yniol addresses the MC as "my liege" and I'm a rather confused. Before now I've only seen it used to refer to someone's liege lord (whatever lord, king, etc. that they've sworn an oath of loyalty and service to). As far as I'm aware that hasn't happened yet? I feel like I'm missing something. 

I really do enjoy this game. The characters are refreshing and intriguing, the story is lovely, and the descriptions are a delight. I am just rather worried I have missed an important plot point. Or otherwise misunderstood something.

Thank you for putting the time and energy in to create this game. Saraah is a wonderful bit of trouble and a perfect darling and I look forward to seeing more of him. I also look forward to Arthur and the Hound's eventual conversation. And more Evaine. Kind and competent warriors with pretty hair long enough to braid are a favorite of mine. And adorable Mordred. Very much looking forward to seeing him over time. I never know what to expect from retellings there and this one has diverged on several standard points in an interesting way that makes me excited about how this version might differ from the standard.


u talk a lot no offense but I agree with what u said 

This is the case and definately is the historical context for "Liege" but in the modern fantasy realm it is also often used as a gender neutral version of "lord" or "lady". Hope this helps!


Saraah and MC are literally too adorable together. And Gwyar, my love 💞, deserves the whole world. 

(3 edits) (+4)

Hmm...I'm enjoying it so far. I'm currently playing an MC that's intimidating and emotionless because of the treatment he's gone through in life, but with a kind heart that will slowly melt if given proper love and care (from Arthur, his future husband). Basically, a kind/emotional soul that was forced to be a heartless and obedient soldier. And currently wants to die in a hole over what he's done to Bedivere.  And wants love, but is afraid to reach out and thinks he's gross because of his scars. (just give him time, Arthur.)


honestly my favourite IF game on here 

Deleted 182 days ago
(2 edits) (+35)(-3)

do.. do you know that arthurian tales are by a bunch of writers over different time periods and they all just hammered any legends together how they interpreted them and a lot of the writing can be interpreted as very homo erotic?? there's no original macho myth of the round table. also way more incest and man eating horses. and the knights end up in dresses fairly frequently at parties gone wrong.

(1 edit) (+19)(-2)

Jesus... i came bk to see if this was maybe updated and some comments are so goddamn rude tf. Why are these people getting so worked up over a work of literal FICTION. good on you for setting them straight. The poor writer. I really enjoyed the story. I hope these idiots didnt deter the writer from continuing the project.


oH nOeS,,, mY fAnFicTioN gAmE iSnT cAnOn!!11!1!! 


Say you're insecure with your own sexuality without saying you're insecure about your own sexuality.

Deleted 182 days ago

You threw a hissy fit over a characters sexuality... Where was the "critique"?


An interesting but bland story, whats the purpose of the story and plot? You're married off and everyone likes you from the start, whats the plot? Nonexistent plot harms the story because you need an actual story, even worse King Arthur is portrayed as a feminine softy who uses darling and dear nonstop.

A romance story only for those who want romance is what I would call this story.


pipe down bro i dont see you making any games let alone having people actually enjoy them


I respect this may be your opinion, but only about a chapter and a half have been released so far, so maybe refrain from comments on the plot.


This story will probably have a mediocre plot, it will just be romance. Typical shoujo genre stuff. If King Arthur behaves like a sassy woman then it's definitely not going to be a story with action, drama or thrill

You only read the dialogue and the choices, didn't you? 

You know, when you comment you should do it only if you read the whole text (I'm assuming that's the case, otherwise it's some severe reading comprehension problems). Otherwise you come out like a flamer who makes false statements ("everyone likes you"? "no drama"?) and has nothing better to do than keep coming around even after 6 months.

I'd tell you to move on, but I bet you'll be coming around over and over because you need to be heard :) The Internet needs to know you decided not to like something!


I've never played an interactive narrative game like this before and I was blown away! The writing really draws you in and I could not stop reading until I made it to the end of chapter 2. It was so good I completely lost track of time while reading it! I love all the characters so far and am completely immersed in this Arthurian tale. I also appreciate how inclusive the writing is and the choices you can make that impact how the MC is perceived. Thank you Kal Down for making this! It's an amazing story and I appreciate the work it must've taken to have written it.  (:


I happen to come across this game, and the slow yet delicate narrative of the main character really enthralls me! I begin to stand in the character's shoes and try to complete the motivations and inner journey of him.


My only confusion is why the king calls the knights and servants "dear" or "darling" I've made all my romance options he/him I am not sure if this is on purpose or there is a confusion due to the change in pronouns 


It is very much on purpose. King Arthur uses terms of endearment very often in his speech, regardless of the person he is talking to. It is just part of his character.


I don't hate it, myself. I do hope that eventually he'll have a more personal endearment for our MC if we're romancing him...such as love or my love. <3


ohh i hadn't realized it before but goddd this 2nd character pov really does gets me right in the heart unghhhhh there's smth really immersive about seing others talking about the choices we make for our characters <3 I really appreciate the effort put into it <3333

I agree. It's nice at times to get a view into the mind of the other characters. Makes them more fleshed out and less flat.


i fukin love 2nd charachter pov and i fukin love this


Very good I love it so much , What I really live is the POV of the character about  your character 


I'm lucky to have stumbled upon this today!! This has absolutely exceptional writing so far and I've very much looking forward to getting onto the routes proper and having The Swag King Wingman for my Lesbian Knight Adventures

Slight problem I have is how both bath options on the wedding day in chapter 2 slashed my unassuming stat to 1 for whatever reason when it was previously three (which I can only assume is the current maximum points for said stat at the moment.) But other than that small and over-lookable pet peeve of a bug, I'm gratefully looking forward to further updates for this project! Followed and Bookmarked!!!


Just got a chance to play the latest update and WOW.  The writing is incredible. Love where the story is going.


Looking forward to new chapters! I love this game already


I played this on my birthday, AND LET ME TELL YOU WHEN I WAS LEGIT VIBRATING In my bed with the goofiest smile on my face!

I can't wait for moree!! Whooo, such a great writer!!

(1 edit) (+6)

Ugnhhhf the building up tension concerning MC's background and behavior is murdering me i'm- *inhuman screeching noises*


Screw all the ROs, I'm marrying my brother




I mean, considering its based on Arthurian legend... XD

Bro 😂


I loved the new update. I'm getting really invested in the story


Every updates makes me want more !!! I'm so hype for future updates :))


mordred has my heart already- hes so adorable 😭

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